Matt and Carrie Silver have been dreaming for years of a church that would help others have a fresh start with God. Jesus modeled for his followers that an authentic relationship with Him doesn’t come through a lot of rules and explanations but through personal and engaging experiences. As they sensed the calling to create this type of church growing stronger, Matt and Carrie eagerly partnered with Stadia Church Planting to launch this church in Exton, PA.

The Silver Family


Matt is the lead pastor and planter of Experience Christian Church. He has worked in full-time ministry for over fifteen years, first as a youth pastor and then as an associate pastor. Matt loves journeying through life with others in meaningful ways. As a hobbyist, he also enjoys disc golf, hiking, and exploring new and exciting places. Matt and his wife Carrie have been married for sixteen years and have lived most of that time in Pennsylvania. Carrie was a child therapist before joining the staff of Experience Christian Church to focus on assimilation and ministry development. Carrie loves great books and spending time with her family. Together, Matt and Carrie have three children and are excited to launch this new adventure!


Research shows a church is most likely to attract new spiritual enquirers in its first five years. While there are churches in Exton doing great things for the community, there has not been a new church in the area in years. Demographic studies indicate the people of Exton are losing interest in having a relationship with God and attending church gatherings. Of the 54,000 individuals that live in a 3.5-mile radius from the center of Exton, 35,000 do not regularly participate with a faith community. Unfortunately, that number continues to increase every year. Experience Christian Church is excited to connect and collaborate with other churches in our area to allow the people of Exton to experience a fresh start with God.

People between the ages of 20-39 are not connected with existing churches.
Twenty-somethings alive today will no longer attend church by the time they turn 30.
More than 80% of the churches in the U.S. have plateaued or are declining.


The greatest pathway to God is to experience His authentic love in a way that it can be received, reciprocated back to Him, and released fully to others. Experience Christian Church seeks to create a church founded on this pathway. Our most basic question is “how can we help others experience the love of Jesus today?” and we answer this in how we serve, how we interact, and how we represent Jesus to all.

We are committed to:

  • Extend grace – we want to give grace freely to others because Jesus first gave it freely to each of us 
  • Enhance community – we want every space and place we are a part of to be better because of our loving presence and participation
  • Engage purpose – we want to be intentionally present and activated in every scenario, stage and season of our lives.


January – June 2019

  • Discover financial partners
  • Move to Exton
  • Meet other ministry and local leaders in the area to learn about the community
  • Secure meeting location
  • Recruit launch team and hire Children’s and Worship Pastors

June – September 2019

  • Leadership Development
  • Host outreach events/Serve the community
  • Hold preview services

October 2019

  • The official launch of weekly gatherings
  • Continuing services/growth


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